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Giraffe sculptures, created by hundreds of neighborhood youth will be exhibited on June 6th at the Community Party in Highbridge Park and will greet hikers at entrances to parks along the Hike the Heights route.  

Creative Art Works (CAW) coordinates the making and placing of the giraffes at the exhibit. The Giraffes are constructed by youth and teens as well as artists. Your organization can help create giraffes or provide the supplies for the development of them.

To download instructions on how you or your organization can make a giraffe, click download on the bottom of the page under attachments.

Why Giraffes?

Not only does the trail connecting the parks of northern Manhattan resemble a giraffe, but giraffes symbolize the lessons which children can teach us all. Giraffes have a unique vantage point from which to view their worlds, as do children. Each giraffe will be unique and celebrate the many voices and cultures of northern Manhattan.

What does the Parade of Giraffes do? 

CAW believes the process of creating large-scale, high quality public art and then presenting the art to the greater community will result in children and teens' increased investment in their community space as well as strengthen bonds between youth and the local community.

> Help youth discover their creativity

> Foster a sense of pride among youth as they beautify their communities

> Build a deeper sense of connection to the neighborhood and public parks

> Promote healthy living by encouraging residents to walk the path

> Strengthen the bonds between communities and their beautiful public spaces

> Provide residents with an opportunity to meet new people

Contact Creative Art Works

Daniel Bergman

Program Director