Thank you for a fantastic
Hike the Heights 20

We had an amazing day on Saturday June 1, 2024. Thank you to everybody who helped make the day possible.

CLIMB Captains - Lorial and Jessica

CLIMB Co-Chairs - Ysabel, Tim, Tony, Sarah, Nancy, Audrey, Angela

Coach Dave Crenshaw and the Dreamers

Citizen's Public Health Literacy (CIPHER)

Project P.U.S.H.

Inwood Academy for Leadership - Tatiana and students, poets, and cheerleaders!

Mailman's Summer Public Health Scholars Program (SPHSP)



DJ Uptown Rev Crenshaw

LaSharn Cooper-Patt Dance and Wellness

NY Presbyterian

Creative Art Works

Marta Blaire and LMCC

Guzman the Poet


NYC Parks

Children's Aid Early Childhood - PS 5, PS 8, PS 152

Fresh Youth Initiatives

Bridge Builders Community Partnership

Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling

Family Enrichment Center

Children's Arts and Science Workshops, Inc.


Inwood Friends of Sally Fisher


The Clementine Project

The Magical Backyard


Harlem River Working Group

Pelham Fritz Recreation Center Walkers

The Heights Urban Empowerment (THUE)

Concrete Safaris

Fort Washington Public House

Word Up Community Bookstore


And of course, a deep and special gratitude for these 20 years long to Dr. Mindy Fullilove, Dr. Lourdes Rodriguez, and Dr. Bob Fullilove

(If you don't see someone here who should be, please message us.)

The CLIMB Chronicles!

Written by members of our Consensus Group, the CLIMB Chronicles tells the story of our work together through 13 years of Hike the Heights events.

You can download our collective story


Hike the Heights is made possible by CLIMB (City Life Is Moving Bodies)

The CLIMB Project is a Northern Manhattan community-based initiative founded on the belief that safe parks and neighborhoods are essential to community health, and that all communities, regardless of socioeconomic background, are entitled to access to safe parks and neighborhoods. We started this project to combat multiple problems (youth violence, obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and displacement) by activating public spaces and bringing people to underused parts of our beloved parks.  More importantly, by engaging residents and organizations in creating a sense of neighborhood and park ownership.

At the core of the CLIMB project is the creation of a multi-use urban hiking trail to link the escarpment parks of northern Manhattan – Highbridge Park,  Jackie Robinson Park,  St. Nicholas Park,  Morningside Park, and northern Central Park. In addition to physically stringing these parks together, we propose conceptually linking organizations, institutions and residents in the vicinity of the parks to create and/or strengthen programming and services.

If you have never experienced Hike the Heights, check out our 10th anniversary documentary below:

To learn more about the history of Northern Manhattan Parks, CLIMB, and Hike the Heights, please enjoy the video below.