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Please join us in supporting the conservation of giraffes and the environments that support them. We will support giraffes in the wild as well as use this opportunity to teach New York youth about the species and the habitats in which they live. Support of this initiative may appear in different forms. These include learning more about giraffes and efforts to stop their extinction by clicking on some of the links on  this page, sharing some of this knowledge with others, or contributing fiscal support. Monetary donations will be directed towards the Association to Safeguard the Giraffes of Niger (ASGN), an NGO that is committed to protecting giraffes and their habitats as well as educating the local populations about the animals and providing micoloans to the villagers who co-exist with the giraffes. A map of Niger can be found on the bottom of this page.
Why Niger?
In most places in Africa, giraffes live in wildlife reserves or in other unnatural habitats; however in Niger, they share their homes with the people who reside in the villages, and share their resources, particularly trees, which are a major source of water and food for the giraffes, and a source of income for families. The villagers not only cut down trees to acquire wood for personal use, but they sell it to support themselves and their families in the capital city of Niamey. Even though laws have been set up to control the collection of wood, it doesn't ensure the protection of the giraffes.  All donations will go to ASGN to help them increase tourism in the area, educational initiatives, and microfinancing community programs.  For more information about the organization and to learn about all of their fascinating programs, please click here ASGN.
The November 2008 issue of the Smithsonian featured an article on the giraffes in Niger and ASGN. To access the article in its entirety, click here. Smithsonian Article
In What Other Ways May I Become Involved?
Giraffe preservation efforts exist globally; however, you may be interested in local initiatives to protect this species. The Bronx Zoo for example, has an elaborate year-round giraffe exhibit as well as educational tours for families, groups, students, and individuals interested in learning about giraffes and their habitats. Furthermore, interested parties may contribute to the Zoo's "Take Action to Save Wildlife" efforts. To learn more about giraffes and the programs that support them, or to plan a trip with your friends and family to The Bronx Zoo click on the link.
Map of Niger; the capital city, Niamey is marked with a white star enclosed in a red circle.